Crying? please do not!

sometimes you have bad days and sometimes bad things happen to you. For example: you  break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend or you get a bad grade on test or maybe it just bad luck. Well don’t cry over any of those things its not worth it. Crying when its tears of joy is good but not when you are upset. We all get hurt or have bad things happen to us but we shouldn’t let that get us down. We have to stay strong and always have a smile on our face. With that smile on our face we can show people we are not hurting from the bad things in our life. Always remember no matter what happens you have go forward with happiness.

In life…

In life there people who change you for the better. They come into your life like a boyfriend/girlfriend or just a good friend. Sometimes you can’t help but have lots of joy and happiness for this person. Sometimes even sadness at times as well. When you find this one person who is too good to give up then never let them go. Also you can never love someone too much so give them your love as well and you will get there love in return! Please stay positive and do good things because you never know what tomorrow going to bring.

Why is life frustrating? 

Why do you not get where you want to go in life? Why when you make plans your friends can’t they  follow though? These are just some questions you may ask your self. Asking these question of why is hard. You do not have the answer or you may never know the answer. Life is frustrating most of the time. You can be happy and frustrated at the same time. Something can make you happy and something can make you frustrated. Come on everyone been there at some point in life. Stay positive and hope that one day your frustration will slowly disappear.