Things happy people do

1. Practice Gratitude

2. Spend time in nature

3. Eat breakfast

4. Drink lots of water

5. Listen to music

6. Go to bed by 10PM


Do not let fear stop you

If you let fear interfere with your life then you will probably never be happy. You should not go around feeling like you can not live your life. Not being able to even leave you house is when you know fear has taken over. The only time you should ever fear is when you know its going to effect your life in a harmful way. Fight the thoughts in your head that say you should fear everything you do. Then say positive thoughts. Like i can live myself and i do not have to fear everything i do. Positive thoughts everyday will make you happier in the end.

Staying positive when you have stress

Stress-“pressure or tension exerted on a material object.” Now I know you are saying it’s not just material objects we stress over its alot more then just that. You are right. It is more for example if someone you love gets sick you can stress over if they will get better. How you deal with stress shows how strong your life really is. People who breakdown from stress shows that they are weak. We need to stay strong and positive with how we handle stress that shows others how great we really can be. If we just let stress get out of hand it can cause many major health issues which is negative and we are trying to stay positive. So please try and think positive when it comes to handling a stressful situation. Show that you are strong and not weak.


Feeling or mood of comfort, wellbeing, happiness, coziness, charm, safety, friendship, pleasure or intimacy. A calm comfortable time with family and friends. A complete absence of frustrations. Enjoyed with good food or drinks and a warm blanket and candlelight.

How to Hyagg:

1. Be present

2. Create a home environment that makes you feel good

3. Find a healthy work/life balance

4. Be thankful

5. Have a go to wind down routine

6. Spend more time with family and friends

Hyagg essentials:

1. Book

2. Candles

3. Outdoor elements

4. Roaring fire (if cold out)

5. Hot tea

6. Cozy blanket

7. Warm socks

8. Big sweater ( if cold)