How to stay busy

Things to do to stay busy when your at home:

1. Dance to music- Will help ease your mind and get you thinking about something else and get your body moving.

2. Go for a walk or do yoga- Walking and doing yoga will relieve stress and walking will get you outside into the fresh air.

3. Read a book or newspaper – Reading a book is good for some quiet time and newspaper keeps you updated on the news.

4. Watch a movie- Watching a movie is distracting and can put you in a better mood especially if you watch a funny movie like a comedy.

5. Call friends or family- It is always good when you talk to your friends and family. They will always make you feel good about yourself and its always good to catch up with them.


How to cope with anxiety

Anxiety a persistent worry or fear about everyday situations. first thing you do when you have anxiety is breathe. That will help calm your mind and body down. Another good thing to do is yoga. Focus on yourself instead of the problem. Also it is good to tell yourself over and over that everything going to be ok. Anxiety is not usually good to have. It can cause problems like trouble sleeping, headaches and upset stomachs. Always avoid negative thoughts when you have anxiety because that will only make it worse. Signs of anxiety are worrying about things everyday, being tired all the time, being irritable and having difficulty concentrating. Like was said before relaxation is the best way to cope with anxiety. Also staying super positive as well.

Feeling sorry for others

Do not let any one have pity for you. Most of the time you are just letting someone know what’s going on in your life. Not to let them feel sorry for you. Whatever is going on in your life deal it yourself. Like for example do some yoga to help cop with the situation rather than talk to someone who going to feel sorry for you. I know it is good to show empathy and compassion for others but only if the other person wants you to feel that for them. A lot of people are strong and want to handle there situation on their own. They do not need someone saying oh i am sorry or oh thats sad. They already know that. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. If someone is showing kindness, caring and willing to help others, they are showing compassion. Helping people and being there for them is the best thing you can do. Stay positive for yourself and for others. Positivity is very powerful.


Life Begins At The End of Your Comfort Zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch. There are two types of people in our world when it comes to a comfort zone. There are those who live in the comfort zone where they feel safe. There are also those who reach outside their comfort zone.

God Knows Everything

Look i believe that God has created our life. He knows what’s gong to happen in the future or the present. He puts you in situations because he thinks they will be good for you. Yes sometimes he puts you in bad situations but that is for you to learn so you never make that mistake again. Do not let anyone tell you that you can not do something. If God wants it to happen he will make it happen. For example if it takes years and years to get to get a job then that is Gods way of saying that its just not your time. He will give you a job when he thinks you are ready for one. See God knows what’s going to happen in your life. he knows what’s going to happen for you in 20 years. He even knows when your going to die. God just makes so you do not have to worry about what is coming in the future. What will be will be just let Gods plan happen and everything will work out for the best.

How to flirt over text message

Ok look first of all you have to find the right time and message to send. In the beginning you have to start off slowly make sure its the right person to flirt with. Open up the conversation if your trying to flirt with someone your not romantic with then give him an opening to something romantic. Try sending flirty message at night. It just seems like would be a great time. Do not be scared to tease. Teasing is a sexy way to flirt with someone. Break up the boredom by sending flirty texts at different times of the day. That way no one gets bored. Saying i miss you is a great way to be flirty but not in a obvious way. Do not become lazy when you are flirting. Lazy just shows how uninterested you have become with the person or the messages you send. Flirting can be hard at time especially over text. Sometimes the person doesn’t know if you are flirting or are really being serious. Never be discouraged if you think flirting is the right way to go then go for it. But if you think its going to end badly then stop and forget about flirting and find another to get the person attention. There is never a right time or place to flirt. its about how you feel. If you feel its right then flirting is a good thing to start doing . Never stop trying to do something. If you try and it ends bad then at last you tried. Anyways pay attention to cues and remember that slow and steady wins the race. Be genuine and open and you will get exactly what you want when its all said and done.


Experience practical contact with and observation of facts or events. You need to experience something in order to know how to do it. You can not just say something like i have felt true love before unless you really have felt it. You have to learn or try something. You have to experience life. Even if you make a very bad mistake it is still an experience and you will learn from that mistake. If you never leave your house and try new things then you are never experiencing life. Look there are a lot of people who love experiencing everything. They like to be adventurous and go all around the world. But then there are the people who are very comfortable not doing those things and just staying home is good for them. Experiencing things is very good. Look try new things and experience it wether it is good or bad you will learn from it and that is experience in its self.