Why is life frustrating? 

Why do you not get where you want to go in life? Why when you make plans your friends can’t they  follow though? These are just some questions you may ask your self. Asking these question of why is hard. You do not have the answer or you may never know the answer. Life is frustrating most of the time. You can be happy and frustrated at the same time. Something can make you happy and something can make you frustrated. Come on everyone been there at some point in life. Stay positive and hope that one day your frustration will slowly disappear. 


Why are you scared? Why can’t you do something? What keeping you from doing that one thing you have to do? Don’t know really Don’t! But if you don’t do it you will always be scared and you will never be able to do the things you want to do in life! You have to face your fears head on! Do not let others look at you in a weird way or make things awkward! Just say I can do it and get out there and do it!


Spring is a lovely season! All the birds are singing and all the bugs come out play. For some people depending on where they live it might still be winter for them but for others it spring.  It’s Lovely all the pastel colors that make spring what it is. Either spring is your favorite season or you just think it’s a cool time make sure it’s the best spring season you ever had.