Simple way to relieve a headache

1. Drink some peppermint herbal tea.

2.  Do some calming yoga.

3. Lay down and listen to soft music.

3. 4. Just stay positive and u will start to feel better.



Things change all the time. If you do not change with it then you are forced to make a change for you. Changes can be good and they can be bad. When they are good they are positive and when they are bad they are negative. Best kind of change is positive. No matter if you change or not just still try to stay positive. 😀


Some decisions are hard and some are easy. Sometimes when you are trying to plan something you have to make decisions. You tell yourself what should I do and you ponder that idea for awhile. After a while you say I have made my decision and go on from there. When the decision is between two things you love then it can be hard. You want both things but sometime  you can’t have both. It takes you time and hard thinking to make the right choice. Hopefully you come to the right decision in the end. No matter if you are planning or thinking of something the decisions you make will effect your life. Making the right decision will make you happy. Just stay positive.